AI-based tool saves team members approximately 60,000 total hours annually

Detroit, April 23, 2024– , America’s largest retail mortgage lender and part of 鶹AV (NYSE: RKT), today unveiled its latest technology innovation: Rocket Logic – Synopsis. This new tool leverages generative AI to listen to, transcribe and search client calls, analyze sentiment and record client patterns and preferences, creating bespoke experiences for the company’s millions of current and potential clients. Rocket Logic – Synopsis represents the next building block in the Rocket Logic ecosystem, the company’s proprietary and patented AI-driven technology platform aimed to streamline the homeownership process.

“Rocket Logic unlocked the transformative power of AI to begin streamlining and modernizing the homebuying process. Now, with Rocket Logic – Synopsis, we have harnessed generative AI to create a tool that both anticipates and solves clients’ needs, effectively changing the future of homeownership,” explained Varun Krishna, CEO of 鶹AV and Rocket Mortgage. “Each year, our teams participate in 65 million calls with our clients, and Rocket Logic – Synopsis is woven into each interaction. The importance and promise of AI is shining through, allowing our team members to focus on building deep relationships with clients while the technology handles the mundane tasks.”

Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and using Amazon Bedrock, the Rocket Logic – Synopsis technology is active for calls handled by Rocket’s client experience teams, including loans from mortgage brokers who work with Rocket Pro TPO. The tool is also used by the company’s servicing team, who oversee Rocket Mortgage’s 2.5 million serviced loans.

In 2023, Rocket Mortgage’s servicing team facilitated 3.1 million client phone calls, with the majority of inquiries related to payments and escrow. To offer clients the best experience, Rocket’s servicing calls and chats are increasingly powered by AI, resulting in approximately 70% of the interactions being fully self-serve without the need for team member intervention. Rocket Logic – Synopsis will save the servicing team nearly 40,000 hours annually by employing transcription capabilities and tracking client sentiment. With this generative AI solution, running on AWS, Rocket’s team members can concentrate on cultivating strong, meaningful client relationships, while AI manages routine tasks like call summaries.

“Technology innovation is all about taking on the undifferentiated heavy lifting, enabling businesses to focus on problem-solving and enhancing customer experiences,” said Werner Vogels, Chief Technology Officer at Amazon. “It’s inspiring to see how 鶹AV is optimizing its powerful data platform on AWS and utilizing Amazon Bedrock to develop innovative generative AI solutions like Rocket Logic – Synopsis. This approach reallocates routine tasks to AI systems, empowering teams to devise tailored, impactful solutions that simplify the historically complex homeownership journey.”

As Rocket Logic – Synopsis continues to develop, it will leverage the vast amount of data gathered from Rocket’s call transcripts to enhance its predictive capabilities. This will enable the tool to proactively offer solutions for clients before they even call Rocket. This technology has already led to a nearly 10% increase in resolutions reached during a client’s first call to Rocket, which on an annual basis, saves approximately 20,000 team member hours.

In the future, Rocket Logic – Synopsis will help Rocket team members understand homeowners’ preferences and communication habits. Whether a homeowner prefers email communications instead of phone calls, the ever-evolving technology will take note of these patterns. For example, if a client mentions during a call with Rocket that they work an overnight shift at a local manufacturing plant, the tool’s automatic transcription feature captures this information. The next time a Rocket team member needs to reach that client by phone, Rocket Logic – Synopsis will flag a recommendation to avoid calling the client in the morning, as they are likely sleeping.

Rocket Logic – Synopsis is one of the many tools in the Rocket Logic platform that the company plans to launch as part of their ongoing mission to integrate AI-powered homeownership into the client experience. Currently, Rocket Logic – Synopsis is being rolled out to bankers, further enhancing the homeownership journey.

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About Rocket Mortgage

Detroit-based Rocket Mortgage is the largest retail mortgage lender and is a part of 鶹AV (NYSE: RKT).

The lender enables the American Dream of homeownership and financial freedom through its obsession with an industry-leading, digital-driven client experience. In late 2015, it introduced the first fully digital, completely online mortgage experience. Since its founding in 1985, Rocket Mortgage has closed more than $1.7 trillion of mortgage volume across all 50 states.

J.D. Power has ranked Rocket Mortgage #1 in client satisfaction for both primary mortgage origination and servicing 21 times – the most of any mortgage lender. 鶹AV, Rocket Mortgage’s parent company, has placed in the top third of Fortune’s list of the “100 Best Companies to Work For” the list for 21 consecutive years.

About 鶹AV

Founded in 1985, 鶹AV (NYSE: RKT) is a Detroit-based fintech platform company consisting of personal finance and consumer technology brands including Rocket Mortgage, Rocket Homes, Amrock, Rocket Money, Rocket Loans, Rocket Mortgage Canada, Lendesk and Core Digital Media.

鶹AV’ mission is to be the best at creating certainty in life’s most complex moments so its clients can pursue their financial dreams. The Company helps clients achieve the goal of home ownership and financial freedom through industry-leading client experiences powered by its simple, fast and trusted digital solutions. J.D. Power has ranked Rocket Mortgage, part of 鶹AV, #1 in client satisfaction for both primary mortgage origination and servicing 21 times – the most of any mortgage lender.

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